Today in the city Medicine Hat 19.08.2018
Globe Drive: Rolls-Royce enters SUV market with the Cullinan

It's big, bold, and unmistakingly a Rolls-Royce. The Cullinan is the luxury automaker's entry into the hot super-SUV market that already sees offerings from Lamborghini to Bentley. Rolls say...

Hidden Aretha Franklin movie ‘Amazing Grace’ might make its way onto the silver screen, fans hope

Franklin, who died on Thursday aged 76, had been locked in a long legal battle over the film, several times coming close to allowing its release, only to change her mind

Ban Foreign Homebuyers From Canada? Be Careful What You Wish For

Small though it may be, New Zealand is something of a trailblazer. It's credited with being the first sovereign country in the world to give all women the vote (back in 1893) and the first country to...

One month left to put your name in the hat, or even notice the Winnipeg election

Amidst summer holidays and activities, you might not have the City of Winnipeg election on your radar. The election is Oct. 24. The deadline to register as a candidate is Sept. 18.

New Fredericton Shooting Details Reveal Matthew Vincent Raymond Was Shot In Abdomen

FREDERICTON — A New Brunswick judge has lifted a publication ban on court documents related to the Fredericton shooting that killed four people, revealing details about how the deadly attack unf...

Former Hamilton school superintendent pleads guilty to forging documents to get his children U.S. citizenship

Patrick Rocco, who had a good career, no criminal record and a history of community service, broke the law to qualify his kids for dual citizenship.

Aretha Franklin Made 'Respect' A Feminist Anthem With 'New Soul'

It may be the most rousing feminist anthem ever, but "Respect" — the song that made Aretha Franklin the "Queen of Soul" — was actually written about a man demanding a break from his wife.F...

My Acting Dreams Died When I Heard 'I Hope Your Chinese Accent Is Good'

The co-op teacher who supervised my placement as a high-school theatre teacher ran up to me backstage, buzzing with excitement."Adam! That was incredible. Forget teaching — you should pursue act...

Mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T For Ariana Grande And This Moving Tribute to The Queen of Soul

As if we didn't already love and respect Ariana Grande, we shed a tear alongside the 25-year-old pop-powerhouse during her moving tribute to the beloved Aretha Franklin. RIP Queen of Soul.The singer o...

U.K. heatwave reveals archeological sites hidden for millennia

An atypically long, hot and dry summer in the U.K. has revealed outlines of ancient archeological sites previously unknown to researchers.

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